Tenant Responsibilities

It's important to be aware of your responsibilities to your landlord. While many of these responsibilities will be explained in your tenancy agreement, there are also certain responsibilities which are outlined in law.

As a tenant, you are obliged to:
• pay your rent
• take care of the premises
• make good any damage caused by you or anybody lawfully visiting or living there
• adhere to the terms of your tenancy agreement
• keep the inside of the property in reasonable proper order.

Reporting repairs

You have a responsibility to report repairs to your landlord. If you notice something that isn't working properly or has been damaged, you should let your landlord know, even if it's a relatively small issue. Keep a note of when you notified your landlord. If this is not reported and there are resulting damages from this, you can be held responsible for all repairs.

Take care of the premises
You should look after the property and keep it in a relatively clean state. You'll be responsible for certain minor repairing works, like unblocking sinks and changing lightbulbs and fuses.

Get insurance
Your landlord's insurance won't cover any of your belongings. If the property is broken into, flooded or damaged in a fire you won't get any compensation from the landlord. Make sure you get your own contents insurance and keep this up to date.

Always the best solution is to know what your contract states, so read through it carefully and if you have any questions, contact your agent for clarity. Usually the best solution is to just ask.

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